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For many years the Church in Africa is experiencing genuine revival in some parts of the continent. Due to this visitation of the Holy Spirit there is a constant need for trained pastors, church leaders and workers, to pastor and disciple the precious souls won to the Lord. We take the request of our National overseers to help them in training their leaders and pastors serious.

In 1986 a ministerial trainings programme was started with God's help. It initially covered 5 countries within South-East Africa. In 1990 the programme was extended to 12 Nations within East and Central Africa, and is now being introduced in the 32 Nations in which the Church of God is represented in Africa.

To provide ministerial training to those called into the ministry remains a challenge. Yet, through the Ministerial Formation Programme which operates in connection with the European Theological Seminary and the School of Ministry Programme (CIMS) we endeavour to provide training for all who might never be able to attend a residential training programme. While doing so it is our concern and our goal not only to provide academic training but allow the Holy Spirit to provide the much needed spiritual input and experiences which transform lives and duly equip leaders who recognize His voice and follow His leading.


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We are grateful for everyone who will partner with us in prayer so that we can accomplish what God has laid on our hearts.

Yours in His harvest field.